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trakax is the first Android app that allows users to create full HD edited videos with control over the volume and tempo of each individual clip. And it’s fun.
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Unique Lives. Original Videos.

Designed specifically for Android touchscreen devices, trakax is a radical approach to creating movies on the go. With our fully-featured video mixer, you can create a real-time HD movie, with all the controls you’ll need – volumes, tempos, transitions – available at your fingertips.

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trakAx Video Editing for Android
Watch the Video below to explore some of the more advanced features

The video above shows you all the features you get when you install trakax. Create mixes in three simple steps. If you want, make more complex edits, add effects or create captions and titles.

Made for Video.

An app made with video as the focus – not an add-on. Our real time mixing interface empowers you to create your vision using gestures familiar with all mobile users – push buttons to bring videos and soundtracks live into the mix and pull intuitive sliders to control volumes and tempos.

The Reviews are in.

“this is by far the best multimedia editor for Android. It’s strange moving away from traditional timelines but the novel yet intuitive approach means you’re more in touch with the content. It’s easy to put a “mix” together & share straight away but you can also take a bit more time and add some polish… Highly recommended & a bargain at this price.”

Graham Smith – Google Play Store

” Oh how I love to stumble across an app which is so utterly amazing. I teach a class of children of 8 years old, and they can use this like pros. It is so well built and the shift from a timeline to ‘live editing’ is genius. You have complete control of what happens and when. Honestly, if there were a secret button to deploy 6 stars, a button which I could only press once in this life, I would press it for trakAx!”

Nathan Wrigley – Google Play Store

“This is such a great tool. Best editing app for DROID. You can really see this is not a slapped together app. Well thought out. Well built. Any questions you have are answered concisely by the TA team.”

Pos Bridge, Google Play Store

Everyone can be creative.

Moving away from the traditional timeline approach, trakax is designed like a mixing desk. You drag and drop the content you want to use onto the 6 channels (multiple photos can be added to a single channel as a slideshow). Then start creating your mix. Simply touch any channel to make it live. Using the sliders, control the volumes and tempos in real time. What you see is what you get – the experience is intuitive and allows anyone, even complete novices, to make a video.

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Until now, we found mobile video editors either intimidatingly complex or overly restrictive, so we redesigned it. Developed specifically for the Android environment, trakax makes it easy, fun and quick to create videos.

Video Editing on Android


Choose the videos, photos and music.

Video Editing on Android


Create your movie in real-time.

Video Editing on Android


Save your full HD movie. Ready for Sharing.

Master of your own (video) destiny.

Nobody likes being told what to do. That’s why we don’t tell you how long or short your video has to be. We don’t tell your what clips, photos or music you have to use. We allow you to include your voiceovers if you want or mute them if you prefer. You have full control over all the elements of your video. The beauty of trakax is that your creation can be as simple or as complex you want. Create a video in three easy steps or dig deeper, if you want a more detailed creation.

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trakAx MovieExpress

Extensive Features for Perfectionists.

trakax is designed for all types of Android users. Some people want to create great videos, quickly and easily. Other users want to get more involved – that’s why we have a comprehensive range of editing features for those who like to spend a bit more time on their creations. All the editing features are optional – so it’s up to you whether to keep it simple or go crazy.

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trakax MovieExpress Audio Editor
Ken Burns Effect for Android Devices

What makes a great video?

For us a great video isn’t about hits or views . It’s about creating something that makes your life richer. Whether that is a home movie that you can share with your kids when they’re older, a video presentation to impress your boss or a creation that captures your passions and interests – it’s about your story and how you decide to tell it, share it and save it.

A Move away from Timeline Editing.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe there is a time and place (no pun intended) for timeline editing – we actually have a great PC product called trakAxPC based on timeline editing that you may want to check out. However, we found that on mobile devices, controlling multiple timelines can be cumbersome and awkward, especially on smaller devices. Secondly, by the very nature, when you are on your mobile, you are not sitting down in one spot for hours taking the time to make complex edits and constructing a complicated narrative.

However, you are capturing some of the most important moments of your life on your mobile device. These memories are worth saving and sharing. With trakax we hope to give you an experience that is quick, fun and straightforward – allowing you to create a great video without having to rearrange blocks of videos multiple times, while also giving you the freedom to tell your story as you see it, without the limitations of time restrictions and the benefit of HD /Full HD, so your video will look great for years to come.

Video slideshows on Android Devices
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Our Story

Our Story.

trakax has been developed by team, based in Dublin, Ireland, led by siblings, Cormac, Catriona and Colm Barry. Their products are targeted at beginners in the area of multimedia, who need software solutions that are quick and easy to use, but allow them to get the best out of all their digital media.

If you’d like to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

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