Update on KitKat 4.4.2 SD Card Issue

Recently we had received some comments on the Google Play Store about users experiencing an issue on devices like the Galaxy S4, Note 3, HTC One, Nexus 5, etc. Some users were reporting that they could not play some of their media files or export mixes to their SD card. We have some devices like the S4 and Note 3 available here for testing, however, frustratingly we could not replicate the problem users were encountering.

After some investigation, we realised that the new update of KitKat 4.4.2 released by Google had made changes to the read/write permissions when using external SD cards (simply put, how we access files on your device). Unfortunately at the time, our test devices were only running Android JellyBean 4.3 (Ireland was on a staggered release, so some international users got this update before us), so we could not easily identify the issue. Eventually, we were able to update a device running the latest version of KitKat 4.4.2. and identify the issue and quickly implement a fix.

Now for some tech talk on the actually issue. Many of our API calls to gain access to the media files on the device default to read/write permissions, so we had to explicitly make them read-only requests. These read-only requests are allowed by Android, whereas the read-write requests are not (due to the updated permissions logic in Android 4.4) and this was causing the problem. These changes in the write permissions also means we can not export directly to an external SD card.

Any app that doesn’t come pre-installed on your phone, either by Google, Samsung, or your carrier, will lack write privileges to the external SD card. gs4.wonderhowto.com

This SD card issue has caused some serious grief for users, as well as developers like us. However, with the latest update of trakax we believe this problem is now fixed. We would like to thank our users for their patience and if anyone has any comments or are experiencing any issue with the latest trakax update, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


  • By Justin Sims 18 Jun 2014

    I have the note 3 and just upgraded and purchased the full version of the app. The full version however will not open at all . It gets stuck on the first screen and says that the program isn’t responding. I’ve tried various options and simple fixes.plz respond with a solution for this issue.

    • By admin 30 Jun 2014

      Hi Justin,

      Sorry you are experiencing an issue.

      Before we get into the individual issues, is your device rooted or does it have a custom ROM? This will affect how we deal with files, so we need to rule this out first before we go any further.

      After you installed the app and opened it for the first time, it has completely stopped working and does not pass the splash screen, is that correct? Was the app working correctly before this happened? Does the app close or does any error message appear? Have you restarted your device or tried to re-install the app? Has anything changed on your device or installed any device updates?
      After we receive some more information we can investigate this issue further.

      Kind regards,


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